from ALLINEARE (Italian): To Align

Align your people around the right policy goals.

Align your messaging with desired impact.

Align your strategies and tactics around target outcomes.

Allinea provides international public affairs consulting services to support successful positioning and advocacy initiatives in overseas markets. We help organizations understand their key stakeholders, develop narrative themes, and leverage assets that will build visibility and influence. Our work is guided by a firm commitment to compliance and ethical business behavior.

Effective communications can shape market perceptions and generate positive results. Whether you are a company doing its first overseas commercialization push, a university engaged in global campus expansion, or a hospital building a new strategic partnership overseas, Allinea can help you think strategically about your markets, mechanics, and messages.



Overseas Engagement Strategies:

Allinea helps clients better understand the political and economic environment in their target market. We work with you to define your governmental and other stakeholders, as well as their interests and influencers. We provide insights on domestic politics, key events on the political calendar, and international trade policy dynamics that may impact your business. A deeper understanding of political and other dynamics in your target market can help you build a positive reputation, choose the most effective style of engagement, keep ahead of emerging issues, and cultivate relationships important to your organization’s success.



Organizational Best Practices:

We work with cross-functional teams responsible for your organization’s international market engagement (Government Relations, Communications, Legal, Marketing, etc.), both at headquarters and in overseas markets, and provide best practice recommendations for your international public affairs work. We offer diagnostics on your current advocacy approaches and make recommendations of how to amplify influence. For companies just starting their global commercial engagement, we can help you develop your international public affairs function, including processes for international policy priority setting, monitoring, and information sharing across geographies.



International Communications Support:

Allinea can develop communications content to favorably position your executives on your international priorities, educate employees and other stakeholders on the key objectives and results of your international efforts, and promote core themes around which to align your international engagement efforts. We help organizations draft speech content, board and employee communications, and articles/op-eds on timely international policy issues.

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